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Dr. Roger Watson

Research and Publication Ethics (English)

Research and publication ethics are closely connected due to their significance to the process of publication. While research ethics protects research participants directly, publication ethics helps ensure veracity of published information.

Mr. Duncan Nicholas

Peer Review Process (English)

In this course, we will provide some background to the role of peer review in research. We will discuss the different models that are currently followed for peer review and the key points that peer reviewers look for when reviewing research papers.

Ms. Louise Russell

Marketing Your Work (English)

Promotion of research to a large audience helps increase readership and the citation and impact of research. In this module, we focus on the key technology domains that should be utilized by researchers to effectively promote scientific research.

Dr. Fiona Murphy

Open Science and Open Access (English)

Many researchers are sceptical of open access journals because of their low IF and high cost. This module provides an introduction to the key aspects of open access publishing and how it is expected to change scholarly publishing in the future.

Enago Academy

Journal, Article, and Author Metrics (English)

With the constant increase in journals and publishers, measuring the impact of published research has become a very important aspect. In this course, we focus on the various metrics that have been developed for authors, research papers, and journals.

Enago Academy

Conference Communication - Posters, Reports, & Oral Presentations (English)

In addition to research, researchers need to increase the visibility of their work to increase collaborations and possibilities for funding. In this course, we focus on skills required by researchers for participating in academic conferences.