Submitting to a Journal - What Should the Author Know? (English)

Understanding the Important Steps for Journal Submission | 講師: Dr. Fiona Murphy


For any early-stage researcher, the most important aspect is ensuring that the research article fulfils all the requirements stated in the journal guidelines. Also, while selecting journals for submission, researchers need to ensure that their manuscripts as per the requirements of each journal.

In addition to journal selection, some key factors that affect journal submission are the peer review model used by the journal, the journal submission systems that have been used, whether the research is available via open access.

We will focus on authorship criteria, different types of articles published by journals, as well as the manuscript submissions systems used by popular publishers. At the end of the course, the early-stage researchers and students will have awareness of the following issues:

  1. Improved understanding of submission requirements
  2. Pre-submission criteria for researchers
  3. Understanding the submission process
  4. Better understanding of manuscript formatting
  5. Awareness of journal forms and checklists for submissions
Dr. Fiona Murphy
Dr. Fiona Murphy
Associate Fellow, University of Reading

Dr. Murphy has been an ex-Publisher at Earth and Environmental Sciences, John Wiley & Sons and more than 20 years of experience in publishing. She is the member of Peer Review of Research Data in the Earth Sciences and Belmont Forum. She is also the co-Chair of WDS-RDA Publishing Data Workflows Working Group and Force11 Scholarly Commons Working Group.


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