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Dr Fiona Murphy

オープンサイエンスとオープンアクセス (日本 語)

学術出版 界において近年、オープンアクセス出版が普及し、その重要性を増しています。若手研究者にとってであれば、このような大きな変化を把握は理解しておくことは大切ですいなければなりません。

Enago Academy

学会でのコミュニケーション - ポスター、報告、口頭発表 (日本 語)


Enago Academy


With the constant increase in journals and publishers, measuring the impact of published research has become a very important aspect. In this course, we focus on the various metrics that have been developed for authors, research papers, and journals.

Mr. John Bond

データ提示:グラフ、図、表 (日本語)

In published studies, readers expect detailed analyses to be shared for each dataset with sufficient details. As experimentation has become more computational, presentation of data has become critically important to researchers.

Dr Jan de Beer

人文学における出版 (日本語)

Studies in the Humanities are as multi-faceted, creative and rich as humans themselves. The goal of this course on publishing in Humanities is to assist aspiring and young authors in the Humanities with that celebration.

Mr. Duncan Nicholas

Preparing to Write a Research Paper (English)

This course will provide you helpful guidance on how to plan and prepare your research article, in order to submit it to a journal for review. We will suggest ways in which you can plan your writing process, before moving on to writing styles.